Your security, and the protection of your most important assets, is our top priority.

Surveillance & Investigation



Situation and circumstances vary and so does the type of surveillance required. All SDA surveillance operatives are highly trained former military or police officers, both male and female, and specialists within this area. SDA are highly experienced in the field and skilled in both physical and electronic surveillance techniques. We use the most up-to-date technology and communication equipment for gathering evidence and provide you with a written report to help you bring about a successful conclusion.

Protective Surveillance

Discreet surveillance can be carried out on home / business / hotel addresses with the added peace of mind that operatives can react to any incident associated with the address. This is an effective measure to deal with harassment/stalking incidents, and SDA are experienced at working closely with Corporate Investigation services and law enforcement agencies on these types of occurrences.


All of our investigators come from a police or military background and work individually or in teams as required. We are trained in dealing with sensitive situations locally, nationally and worldwide, and we get results.

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