Your security, and the protection of your most important assets, is our top priority.



Fully integrated end to end solutions

Our consultancy service advises clients how to minimise risk to their reputation, their information, their assets and, of course, their people – whether that be at home or abroad. This service is particularly relevant now, not just because of the continuing current economic climate, but also the increase of terrorist related incidents in the UK and Europe – as few organisations have either the resources or expertise to maintain their own specialist security team. This sensitive area of work must, therefore, be outsourced to a trusted, highly respected specialist – Sean Dixon Associates.

Our consultancy methods are flexible and designed to meet the needs of both large and small scale requirements in a wide range of environments.

We conduct risk and threat analysis and assessment of:

  • people
  • buildings
  • local, national and foreign locations
  • travel.

We combine technical security knowledge and operational security experience, gained in a wide variety of countries and cultures, to deliver the best solutions to our clients.