Your security, and the protection of your most important assets, is our top priority.

Close Protection


Protecting you and yours

We ensure your safety and privacy while you go about your daily routine. Our discreet, professional close protection services include:

  • Executive and VIP protection including travel
  • Protection of heads of state, foreign dignitaries, sport/entertainment personalities
  • Protection of associated family, children and close friends
  • Professional defensive / security driving
  • Residential Security Team – home, hotel and office security
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Specialist support to female executives
  • Media security
  • Witness protection
  • Harassment & Stalking protection/advice
  • Supplementing your existing security team with our local knowledge for additional on-the-ground support

We also offer a specialist close protection service to female VIPs, celebrities and executives, whether attending a high profile function or travelling abroad. We can provide female close protection operatives upon request.

Fully qualified and trained specialists

Close Protection has evolved over the past ten years into a more refined service. Today, operatives have internationally recognised qualifications and a high standard of overall legal training and experience, as well as advanced first aid, in some cases to trauma level. All SDA operatives hold a full SIA licence and are individually selected to meet specific task requirements.

Operating as an SME (Small / Medium Enterprise) in a highly competitive environment, SDA is able to offer a more flexible, timely and cost efficient service than many of our competitors. We are able to respond at short notice with a team of highly trained specialists to safeguard and protect you whether you are at home, at work, travelling, attending an important function or just taking a night out on the town.

What we do

From the initial meeting we create a risk/threat assessment, and work with you to address your specific needs. We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to your security requirement and we pride ourselves in our flexibility and adaptability. For your peace of mind, we offer our professional experience and expertise to:

  • Work with you to plan your routes
  • Assist you in making travel plans that maximise your security
  • Pre-search rooms and buildings where you will be visiting
  • Attentively escort you on your day-to-day activities
  • Perform background checks of people with whom you will have contact