Your security, and the protection of your most important assets, is our top priority.



Our consultancy methods are flexible and designed to meet the needs of both large and small scale requirements in a wide range of environments. We conduct risk analysis and assessment of people, buildings, UK and foreign locations and travel. We also offer contingency planning advice.

Penetration Testing: SDA can be tasked to test the efficacy of your existing security measures. Test outcomes may lead to an up-grading and/or re-assessment of those existing measures which will be fully advised by SDA in accordance with your budget and desired outcomes.

Travel Security: Let us help you plan your itinerary in advance of your departure, and travel with peace of mind knowing that SDA is helping to safeguard your trip, providing you with a high level of security, protection and service.

For both national and international travellers we offer:

  • Threat assessments
  • Foreign area intelligence
  • Country briefings
  • Travel advisories: geopolitical events, regional crime stats & terrorist threats
  • Contingency planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Female travel protection
  • Private aviation security
  • Hotel security

We work closely with local airport operators at Luton, Farnborough, Cambridge and others, to ensure you enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own private travel. Our relationship with the operators, coupled with our security expertise, allows us to provide smooth access through security and directly to the aircraft (upon departure) or to your waiting vehicle (upon arrival).

Asset Security: We provide specialist security services to protect your assets, from industrial property (oil pipelines etc.) to personal property such as a private jet or yacht. We specialise in providing innovative solutions to a wide range of security problems for your buildings, equipment and vehicles. We can supply trained specialist canine protection and detection dog / handler services (guard dogs) for general purpose, narcotics and explosives, guarding premises, searching persons entering your building, or looking for explosives in your high-risk areas.

Events security
When your high profile corporate event requires specialised security, SDA will perform a risk / threat assessment of the venue and recommend visible or discreet protection to suit your requirement.

Close Protection

SDA offers the full range of close protection specialities which includes professional defensive /security driving; personal, VIP, and executive protection; specialist support to female executives; witness protection; harassment / stalking protection and the protection of associated family, children and close friends.

Residential security

Residential and business security should not be taken for granted. We will perform an assessment of your home and / or business, and recommend visible or discreet protection to fit your requirement.

    We also offer:

  • Office security
  • Private estate security
  • Events security

Security Driver

Our expert, qualified security drivers have successfully completed advanced driving courses and in some cases are former advanced police drivers. We understand that security drivers, who are fully trained in tactical, evasive driving techniques, give added peace of mind to hiring a chauffeur, particularly for female executives travelling alone. We can advise you whether your requirement suits a close protection operative who doubles as a security driver – which means you only need to hire one professional rather than two.

Surveillance & Investigation

SDA are highly skilled in both physical and electronic surveillance techniques and use the most appropriate technology and communication equipment to fit the task. We also operate via static, covert surveillance teams to mobile operatives, using a range of vehicles. Upon completion of the task, we provide a debriefing that may utilise digital cameras, voice recorders, camcorders and written reports.

Media Security

SDA offers professional support to investigative journalists and film crews in hostile/non-hostile environments. Our media work also encompasses personal protection and surveillance supported by a full safety assessment.