Your security, and the protection of your most important assets, is our top priority.


Sean Dixon Associates is a high end security service dedicated to providing discreet, professional services to our clients. We are an elite team of Professional Security Specialists whose training and methods of operation have been shaped by years of hands-on experience both nationally and internationally, including some of the most high-risk regions of the world. More …


We provide a full range of high end corporate security services, including close protection for executives, VIPs, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, sport/entertainment personalities and associated family, children and close friends. We offer risk/threat analysis and assessment, home, hotel and office security, media security and specialist support to female executives. More …


We advise clients how to minimise risk to their reputation, information, assets and people. This service is particularly relevant now – in the current economic climate – as few organisations have either the resources or expertise to maintain their own specialist security team. Outsource this sensitive area of work to a trusted, highly respected specialist – Sean Dixon Associates. More …


Providing a range of services to ensure your safety and privacy.


Fully integrated end to end solutions.


Professional support to journalists and film crews.


Both visible and discreet services as needed.


Drivers trained to the highest levels.

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Highly experienced and skilled in surveillance techniques.